Costing Electronics Program V2.0 – new real-time costing tool

The Costing Electronics program which is jointly offered by A2MAC1 and ecs provides a new way of comprehensive cost comparison for automotive electronics which is unprecedented in its possibilities. With the new release V2.0, it is now also possible to simulate various calculation parameters in real time.


Costing Electronics V2.0


  • Cost evaluation of selected electronic modules, incl. detailed costing of bill of material and manufacturing process steps
  • Product selection by degree of innovation, market dynamics, platform relevance
  • Integrated online costing model to calculate and simulate product cost based on variable volumes [50k/a – 10Mio/a] and different production sites
  • Simulation based on default standard parameters or with specific parameters customized by the user (labor, machine rate, overheads [material, production and SG&A, etc.] and currency rates)
  • A program of 5 vehicles per year
  • Analysis of 10 key modules per vehicle



  • 22 cost parameters customizable
  • Live results
  • Filter results
  • Auto calculated footers
  • Load / Save / Auto Reload
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Full screen display mode
  • Excel export
  • Printable view