Monthly Price Index/Forecast Electronics 09/2016

ecs Beratung und Service GmbH analyses monthly the price development of electronic components over all commodity groups (active / passive) from a representative market baskets (rd. 10.000 line items) with focus on automotive / industrial. The graph shows the aggregated figures till September 2016. The development is indicated with January 2015.

Price Development 09/2016

active passive

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Price Forecast 01/2017

price_forecast_2016-09_active price_forecast_2016-09_passive


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KimMyoung Ryun Kim
Data Analyst / Research
Myoung Ryun Kim manages the price and data mining services at ecs, which includes the data management as well as the Monthly Price Index services and Forecasting services.
Myoung Ryun Kim is responsible for the development of data analysis tools and methods. This include also parts classification engines and data enrichment techniques of electronic components.