Our Approach

Electronics is characterized by a highly dynamic technology and an immense variety of functions and components. Costing of electronic components requires extensive background and market knowledge. This can only be achieved by intensive data and knowledge management. For this purpose, ecs has been developing innovative techniques and databases for over 15 years.

In addition to methodology, we therefore also have a comprehensive knowledge base for cost engineering that enables us to cost electronic components with relevant market prices.

In our projects, we focus on the deployment of our knowledge to solve the specific problems of our customers.

Our Services

Target Costing
Target Costing
Design to Cost
Design to Cost
  • Benchmarking

    By Benchmarking competitors' products we explore the full range of technical solutions and can position our customer's product in the competitive context.

  • Target Costing

    With the Target Costing methodology, we define a target price in line with the market, translating it into cost for functions and components. This also comprises the assessment in how far company structures and factor cost need to be influenced for target achievement.

  • Design to Cost

    With Design to Cost and cost analysis during development we create and evaluate cost reduction ideas in order to implement them in time for series production.

  • Product Cost Optimization

    With cost analysis, purchasing benchmarking, negotiation support and training we secure a cost optimized series price for the technical solution.

Who are our customers?

Our services are interesting for all companies which make use of electronics in their products and are acting in a highly competitive environment. This applies to in-house development and manufacturing as well as to bought-in electronic assemblies.

Due to the enormous cost pressure and the competitive environment, about 80% of our customers come from the automotive industry. Our customer base consists of automotive OEMs and 1st or 2nd tier suppliers. We adress the needs of very large enterprises as well as small and mid-sized companies.

Why do our customers work with us?

Due to our specialization we address the issues of our customers in a very focused way providing relevant results in relatively short time.

Our team has long-standing business experience with operative responsibility in the automotive and electronics industry. This enables us to quickly assess the task and a target-oriented development of solutions.

Data and Knowledge Management

We work with in-house developed calculation tools for the relevant technologies such as semiconductors, PCBs, electromechanical and mechanical components and electronics manufacturing.

For factor cost (labour, energy, raw material) and machine performance and cost data we utilize proprietary databases which are updated regularly.

We continuously conduct market data surveys. Supported by a comprehensive data base and longstanding project experience, we are able to create data models to cover various volumes, start of production dates and exchange rates.

Moreover, we have developed techniques to process and analyze large data sets which are essential particularly for electronics. Examples are automatic classification of line items, cross reference data, identification of components with marking databases and free text analysis.

ecs Management

Dr. Hans Sporer

Managing Director


Dr. Sporer is founder and Managing Director of ecs Beratung & Service GmbH. In consulting projects, he is responsible for strategy, methodology and leadership. He has more than 20 years of experience in cost and value engineering for electrical and electronics within projects focused on development, innovation, benchmarking and restructuring.


During his longstanding career at BMW AG, he had a leading role in building up the cost engineering function for electrical/electronics. He supported the systematic introduction of benchmarking analysis in a group directly reporting to the CTO with responsibilty for electrical/electronics. His responsibilities in Purchasing included a group-wide responsibility for the cost optimization and planning process. Leading operative responsibilities in Group Purchasing were, among others, body and vehicle electronics, safety electronics and mechatronics. Prior to that, Dr. Sporer took part in the development of the first telecommunication ICs for ISDN at Siemens AG Chip-Design (analogue / mixed-mode). This was followed by a leading development function in a medium-sized company (automotive / industrial). Dr. Hans Sporer did his doctorate in physics at LMU München and is lecturer at Regensburg University for Applied Science in the Master of Automotive Electronics programme.

Katharina Schulte

Managing Director


Katharina Schulte is Managing Director at ecs Beratung & Service GmbH with responsibility for tools and their application, knowledge and databases as well as methodological development. In cost and data engineering with focus on elecrtrical/electronics she can draw from more than 15 years of experience and a unique knowledge base which she has been deploying in numerous development, benchmarking and restructuring projects.


Katharina Schulte startet her professional career in BMW AG's Trainee programme. After that she held a central function in purchasing controlling handling synergy projects between BMW and Rover. Subsequently, she was engaged in a function in Cost Engineering for Electrical/Electronics and a Group Buyer Function in Strategic Purchasing. She has intensively supported various strategic issues at BMW such as e-Commerce, Purchasing Benchmarking, Advanced Purchasing and Change Mangement. In addition to business degrees from IPBS (Reutlingen University of Applied Science/Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid) and an MBA of Monterey Institute of International Studies, USA, she holds an engineeering degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in electrotechnical and information technology of FernUniversität Hagen.