Below, you find an overview of the industries in which we are active:


The automotive industry is the largest market for custom-made parts. Due to the high specialization of components the relationship between OEMs and their suppliers is characterized by a high mutual interdependency, where OEMs often exert a massive influence on the supply market. Moreover the industry is currently subject to major change which is triggered by the recent development of new mobility concepts (e-mobility, connectivity), driver assistence systems and the rise of new asian competitors. These challenges are met by ecs by a high degree of expertise and longstanding industry experience. Our consulting approach supports customers to solve problems in view of technical as well as methodical aspects.


The innovations driven by the electronics industry have immediate consequences for everyday lifestyle all over the world. New trends, such as mobile computing or energy efficiency reflect the extreme dynamics of this industry. One of the reasons for the continuous progress is the full exploitment of hardware and software potential. This renders the product development process extremely research and development-intensive and requires a high degree of technical expertise. ecs supports its customers with an extensive knowledge base in order to maximize orientation towards targets and customers and to maintain the position in the market.

Capital Goods and Machinery

The capital goods and machinery industry is rather characterized by small and medium enterprises. However, these have to act globally in order to stay competitive. The integration of newest technologies and the shift of manufacturing sites to Asia poses increasingly the challenge to define key components (motion and control technology) and to carry out developments for product with very small volumes. ecs is the ideal partner to optimize the value chain by Benchmarking and effective cost management. This also includes the ability to support master data management by automatic classification of material data.

High Tech

High Tech comprises industries such as aerospace, medical products, the semiconductor industry as well as laser and nanotechnology. In these industries, it is decisive to secure the leading edge position of products and processes. Another common denominator in all these industries is also that there is often no stringent cost management with high cost pressure and complex projects at the same time. ecs supports in all issues around benchmarking and cost management.