Product Cost Engineering comprises several approaches and methods throughout the product life cycle. In this context, we offer the following services:

Our Services

Target Costing
Target Costing
Design to Cost
Design to Cost
  • Benchmarking

    By Benchmarking competitors' products we explore the full range of technical solutions and can position our customer's product in the competitive context.

  • Target Costing

    With the Target Costing methodology, we define a target price in line with the market, translating it into cost for functions and components. This also comprises the assessment in how far company structures and factor cost need to be influenced for target achievement.

  • Design to Cost

    With Design to Cost and cost analysis during development we create and evaluate cost reduction ideas in order to implement them in time for series prouction.

  • Product Cost Optimization

    With cost analysis, purchasing benchmarking, negotiotiation support and training we secure a cost optimized series price for the technical solution.